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Pollyanna Cook, LMP

Olympia CranioSacral Therapy/ Massage

I truly love what I do!


Since 2008 I have been practicing the healing art of massage. In this time I have had the honor of working with many clients on their journey towards a healthier life, a mission to which I am joyously dedicated. 



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Table For One, LLC.
Pollyanna Cook, LMP
Practicing at:
Deschutes Chiropractic
509 Custer Way SE
Tumwater, WA 98501
Ph: 360-970-9131
Tue and Thur: 10-2:30
Wed: 10-12:30
Prices for 1 hour treatments:
Basic $90.00
Injury treatment $180
Taking most insurance.
First Choice
Auto Insurances
L&I claims
Please use the online scheduling link provided here as I am often unable to answer my phone due to the nature of my work.


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Abbreviated Bio:
Graduated Alexandar's School of Natural Therapeutics, 2008
Trained in CranioSacral Therapy with The Upledger Institute
I have worked over 16 years in a clinical setting with chiropractors as well as pursuing treatment modalities through my continuing ED hours.
As a result I have refined a whole body approach to treatment massage utilizing techniques ranging from the very light touch Craniosacral  modality to the deep tissue and trigger-point work. 
My clients find these sessions very effective and consistently leave these sessions with a much greater range of motion and less pain.
I am no longer at Russell Chiropractic Center



CranioSacral Therapy
Developed in the late 1970's by Dr. John D. Upledger, this manual therapy focuses on the rhythm of the cranialsacral system. Inconsistencies in this body rhythm reveal restricitions within the body's craniosacral system and fascia.
What To Expect 
during a CranioSacral session
This manual therapy uses light touch and a neutral approach by the therapist.  The Client wears loose comfortable clothes during the session. Clients find the experience extremely calming and report positive and sometimes profound changes after even one session.
For more information
The Upledger institute:
What to expect
during a deep tissue injury treatment session
This manual therapy addresses chronic as well as acute pain and injury in a direct fashion. Progress often is speedy at the first then levels off allowing the body to process through the abnormal muscular tension pattern. The work is often uncomfortable at first as painful areas are invited to release the tension then becomes much more comfortable as the tension patterns resolve.
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